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Roles: Everything

Platforms: Windows Phone 8, Android

Download: Windows Phone Google Play Source Code

I made this game out of boredom in one night using Unity3d. It's a combination of the famous helicopter game and the ROFLcopter internet meme. This is the first game I've released for Windows Phone.

Together with a friend who had experience with Android, we tried to make some SEO for the Google Play however it didn't help much. Another thing to consider is the icons play a big role when people chose your game to download. And while uploading the icon to Google Play, there was only one size for it and the image would be scaled automatically for the smaller icon sizes. This caused the icon image with thin lines to appear bad after being scaled down automatically.

For the Windows Phone side I haven't made any SEO in the description or the name and haven't made any advertisement of the game. In 12th of July the download count suddenly increased from 4 to 11, and after one bad review on 13th of July, the daily download count decreased significantly. This shows the effect of the reviews on your app.

The source code is available on github, if you are interested please take a look and feel free to send your recommendations or questions via email.